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Estate Planning in New York, NY

Listening to your concerns, implementing your wishes

When most people hear the term estate planning, many suspect it’s an indulgence reserved for the wealthy. But the truth is, anyone who has accumulated modest wealth can benefit greatly from an estate plan. If you have worked and saved all your life, why tolerate unnecessary losses later in life or when you pass your holdings to your heirs? The Cormac McEnery Law Firm is dedicated to helping diverse individuals preserve the value of their life’s work, so they can enjoy a comfortable retirement, maintain their security in old age, and leave a proper legacy to their heirs. We offer personalized service so that we can learn about your circumstances and concerns, and craft a specific plan to meet your unique needs.

The basics of an effective estate plan

Estate planning involves the creation of legal instruments that convey authority and hold assets. The right combination of instruments depends on your circumstances, but comprehensive estate plans contain:

  • Wills — A clear, concise will allows a testator to dictate how assets are to be distributed after the testator’s death. When there is no will, assets pass according to New York’s intestacy laws, without regard to the testator’s wishes.
  • Trusts — Grantors can create legal entities to hold their assets during their lifetime or after their death.
  • Powers of attorney — Individuals can grant proxy powers to relatives or friends to make decisions for their health, safety and welfare.
  • Living wills and healthcare proxies — Individuals can place restrictions on the type of emergency interventions that medical professionals can use.
  • Asset protection strategies — There are various legal means of limiting your exposure to taxes and liability, and ensuring eligibility for Medicaid assistance should long-term nursing care become necessary.

At our firm, we get to know you and your concerns. Drawing on more than 35 years of legal practice, Mr. McEnery helps you evaluate your personal circumstances, project your future needs and determine the best method of asset protection for your resources. You can rely on Mr. McEnery’s thorough knowledge of the law and his concern for your well-being, as he drafts your will and trust instruments. Finally, because even the best laid plans cannot anticipate all contingencies, he provides formidable estate litigation representation to resolve any disputes.

For a personalized estate plan that addresses your needs, contact our New York City law firm

Estate plans have to take into consideration the unique circumstances of the individuals they’re meant to protect. The Cormac McEnery Law Firm works closely with you to discern your needs and address them. To schedule a free consultation, call 888.368.4329 or contact us online. We serve clients throughout the five boroughs of New York City, as well as Westchester, Brooklyn Heights, Nassau and Suffolk counties.